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How to use our slogan generator

To stand out from the competition, you need to create distinctive and memorable slogans that capture your audience's attention. Trained on professional copy, our slogan generator comes up with hundreds of memorable headlines and taglines.

Paso 1: Describir el tema y la palabra clave

Provide some context about what you want to write a tagline for.

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Describe your product/service and any keywords and unique selling points you’d like to focus on.
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The more you can describe your unique differentiators, the better our AI can understand how to position your slogan.
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Once you're ready, hit the Generate button to start the magic.

Slogan and Tagline

The Best Way to Get Around
We're Boston's favorite taxi company for a reason.


Step 2: Select the best slogan and tagline

After our tagline generator has generated some slogans for you, select one that you like the most.

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Our AI provides you with 6 potential slogans and supporting taglines to choose from.
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If you want to make edits to the slogan, you can click on the slogan to make further edits.

Step 3: Brainstorm for more unique slogans

Need more ideas? If you’d like to see what else our slogan generator can come up with, just hit “Generate” again to get more unique and fresh slogans.

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Play around with the input fields and see what leaves a strong and lasting impact.
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Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm! Slogan generators are a great way to create creative and unique slogans that sets you apart.
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Creative slogans at your fingertips

Our brains are naturally inclined to remember catchy taglines. A good slogan primes consumers to your brand and sticks in people’s minds. Use a tagline generator to select the best slogan for your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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Destaca entre la multitud

In a crowded market, it can be tough differentiating yourself. Craft a memorable slogan that people can remember and attribute to your brand.

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Leave a lasting impression

A good slogan sticks in people’s minds. People who remember your slogan will naturally remember your brand and product, increasing your demand and building a strong connection between you and your customers.

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Position yourself

Just like your logo and company name, your slogan is a significant part of your image. It can make people take notice of your business and communicate your differentiators in a clear and concise way.

Great slogan examples

Memorable slogans written by our AI slogan generator

The best slogans are not only original and personal but also easy to remember and understand. They effectively communicate the brand/company’s core values and speak directly to your audience.

A poor slogan, on the other hand, can do the opposite. It can confuse your audience, make you seem unprofessional, or just plain old unmemorable. To avoid this, don't use clichés or copy other businesses. Come up with something new and unique that will set you apart.

If you need some inspiration, here are some examples of unique slogans that our tagline generator has produced.

Example Real estate slogan

We're More Than Numbers

Get the most accurate and reliable data to make the best real estate decisions.
Example Business slogan for restaurant SaaS

Restaurant Management Simplified

Grow your business with the most powerful CRM for restaurants. Smarter management means more profits.
ExampleBusiness slogan for food and beverage

Fish and Chips the Way They're Supposed to Be

We make fish and chips the way they were meant to be — with fresh, never frozen fish and potatoes from the UK.

ExampleBusiness slogan for home decor

Get Inspired, Get Decorating

Each week, we bring you new, stylish and affordable home decor ideas to help you transform your space.
ExampleBusiness slogan for a navigational app

From One Place to Another

Easily get around without having to download a new app for every city.
ExampleBusiness slogan for travel company

Find Hidden Gems to Stay, Eat, and Explore

No tourist traps. Just amazing experiences with passionate locals.
Example Wedding slogan

Say Yes to the Perfect Wedding

We take all the stress of wedding planning off your hands so you can focus on being a bride, not a boss.
ExampleBusiness slogan for beauty company

Beauty Born of Science

We're a team of scientists that believe in the power of beauty rituals to change your life. We're on a mission to create the most efficacious and sensorial products to help you look and feel your best.
ExampleBusiness slogan for health and wellness

Get Fit with the Pros

Take your fitness to the next level with online classes from the best instructors. Home bike included.
ExampleBusiness slogan for digital marketing company

Get the Strategies that Perform

Digital marketing experts reveal their battle tested strategies to help you reach your target audience.
ExampleBusiness slogan for law firm

Tech is Your Future. Let Us Help You Protect It.

Staying up to date on the latest tech law rulings is essential to your business. Let our team help you stay ahead of the curve.
ExampleBusiness slogan for design agency

Expert Design, Beautiful Results

We're a team of passionate experts who fuel our creativity with the latest technology. We work closely with you to create beautiful, effective designs that meet your unique needs.

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The benefits of a great Slogan

What is a slogan?

A slogan is a tagline that encapsulates what your business or product is all about — it communicates the benefits, your core values, and unique selling points.

Why are slogans important?

In today’s hyper-connected world, an average person receives thousands of advertisements every day. We instinctively filter out certain brands and advertisements unless they’re especially appealing and memorable.

Your business slogan gives you anoka opportunity to differentiate yourself, sell your product, and resonate with your audience.

When done correctly, your slogan can become the cornerstone of your brand or product’s identity. It can keep you top of mind, build understanding and awareness, and cut through the noise.

What makes a great slogan?

Think about some of the most famous slogans and taglines.

  • Just Do It (Nike)
  • I'm lovin' it (MacDonalds)
  • Finger-Lickin’ Good (KFC)
  • Happiest Place on Earth (Walt Disney World)
  • Gives You Wings (Redbull)
  • Betcha Can’t Eat Just One (Lays)
  • Because You’re Worth It (L’Oréal Paris)

They’re all catchy and memorable, engineered to stick in your mind for as long as possible. Most important of all they encapsulate the company/product’s core values, goals, and unique selling point with impeccable brevity.

One thing to take note of is that these are slogans for large brands that already have high brand power and recognizability. If you're starting from scratch, make sure your slogan also conveys clearly what exact value and benefits your business provides. You want to err on the side of being too specific rather than too vague. Otherwise, you'll just sound like every other business out there.

As an example, take a look at this slogan for a small business that provides affordable online marketing services:

"We Help Small Businesses Grow"

This slogan is clear and concise, while also communicating the business' core value proposition. It's specific enough to be memorable, but also leaves room for the business to grow and evolve.

Remember, you can also use your sub-tagline to communicate additional information that your main slogan can't fit. So if you have a slogan like "We Help Small Businesses Grow", you could use a sub-tagline like:

"Get More Customers with Less Effort".

This communicates additional value that the business provides (easy and affordable marketing services) that may not be conveyed in the main slogan.

It a fine line to strike between being too generic or too specific, but with a little bit of effort and creativity, you can come up with a slogan that's perfect for your business.

How do you come up with a catchy slogan?

Whether you’re running a business, launching an ad campaign, or simply just selling a product — a slogan makes all the difference.

If you want to learn how to write impactful and memorable slogans, keep reading. We'll share tips on how to write strong slogans and taglines.

  1. Keep it short and sweet: With the exception of the famous Mastercard slogan and a few others, the best slogans and taglines are always concise and short.

    A perfect example would be Apple’s “Think Different”. With just two words, the slogan gives you an idea about Apple’s identity and their goals for the future.

    So keep it short and sweet, and you'll most often be on the right track.
  2. Use clever wordplay: Clever wordplay can help you catch people's attention and make your slogan more memorable.

    For example, KFC's slogan "finger-lickin' good" is not only catchy, but it also makes you think about what the product looks and tastes like.

    Another way to capture attention is to use cadence, tune, and something known as the Rhyme-as-Reason effect — a cognitive bias where people tend to believe messages that rhyme more than messages that do not.

    You can also bring in a little humor while creating your slogan. Just make sure that it's still relevant to your brand and doesn't confuse or alienate your customers.
  3. Use Active Language: You want your slogan to be impactful, so avoid using too much passive language. Instead, be direct and to the point, and use words that evoke a strong response.

    For example, compare these two slogans:

    "We want you to be our customer"


    "Come to us and be happy"

    The first slogan is passive and doesn't evoke much of a response. The second slogan, on the other hand, encourages the reader to take action. It's also more positive and upbeat, which makes it more memorable.
  4. Be aware of your key differentiators: A good slogan captures the essence of your product or business and feels like you’re speaking directly to your intended audience.

    Generic templates and slogans just won’t cut it. Slogans like "We're the best!" or "We're number one!" don't make an impact and they won't help your brand stand out. In fact, they might just do the opposite and turn your audience away from your brand.

    When thinking of a slogan, think of something only you and your particular product/business can do or achieve.
  5. Brainstorm alternatives: Not every slogan and tagline idea is a winner. Instead of trying to come up with the best tagline right off the bat, get some ideas down first and seek some input or feedback from your family, friends, and colleagues. A second perspective can be incredibly useful especially when you’re stuck.

    Another good way is to brainstorm for words related to your business and product. You can use our free slogan generator to help you out. With our slogan generator, you can seek inspiration from hundreds of slogans and even customise the copy for your target audience and brand.

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