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Go from a one line topic to surprisingly great titles, outlines and paragraphs with an AI writing assistant.

Cómo trabaja nuestro escritor de IA

Lleve sus ideas al papel más rápidamente con nuestro redactor de artículos con IA paso a paso. Añade unas líneas sobre tu producto o empresa y nosotros haremos el resto.

1. Generate catchy article titles

Simply describe your topic and add your SEO keyword to generate on-brand content ideas and article titles.

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Generate multiple blog title variations at once to get your creative juices flowing
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Choose a tone of voice and point of view, from first to third person to best express your voice
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Provide context like your target audience, product details or company background to incorporate into the article
Ilustración de importaciónVariaciones de los títulos de las entradas del blog generadas por la IA
Introducciones y esquemas de entradas de blog generados por IA

2. Create detailed outline variations

Our AI blog writer will craft article outlines for your to plan the structure of your article in a logical and easy-to-follow way.

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Research for factual content and statistics about each section with our Content Detective tool
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Enter your own talking points to guide the AI writer to generate content based on your point of view and experience
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Obtenga una nueva visión de una idea generando múltiples y únicos esquemas

3. Generate your content draft

Cree párrafos sorprendentes y edítelos para su pieza de contenido final.

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Generar y volver a generar para diferentes perspectivas en un esquema de párrafo
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Compruebe su contenido con nuestro comprobador de plagio para proteger su reputación online y su tranquilidad
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AI article writer learns from your final article for improved, tailored copywriting over time
Visión general del contenido de la entrada del blog después de usar AI article writer

4. Generate more original content with Compose

Continue expanding on your long-form content with our Compose AI assistant—like autocomplete on steroids.

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Continue generating content based on what's been written with a single click
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Command our AI to come up with lists, examples, contrasting statements and anything under the sun
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Casos de uso

From ecommerce to electric cars, our AI blog writer has built up millions of data points on your industry. It knows how to write compelling, converting copy with just a few prompters from you.

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SEO y marketing de contenidos

Inicie los resúmenes de contenido con un contenido claro y centrado en el cliente que sea coherente en todo el recorrido del comprador.

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Use an AI article generator to jumpstart creativity with a clear message that aligns with your creative brief.

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Construya su marca, haga llegar sus ideas al mundo y eduque a sus clientes sin necesidad de contar con un redactor publicitario en plantilla.

Let your words flow with Hypotenuse AI

Convierta unas pocas palabras clave en sorprendentes titulares de blog, esquemas y artículos con el mejor escritor de IA.

Blog Post and Article Example

A blog post example written by our AI content generator

Los artículos del blog son una de las mejores formas de conectar con su público.

Cuando escribes un artículo, estás creando una oportunidad para conectar con tu audiencia a un nivel más personal.

Aquí tienes un ejemplo de contenido único que nuestro redactor de artículos ha generado y que te ayudará a hablar con tu audiencia.

Tap Into the Power of an AI Writer and Streamline Your Blogging and Content Strategy

When it comes to writing, you could say AI article writers are the new kids on the block. Although it's been around for a while, AI is only now starting to make its presence felt in the writing world.

You may be wondering what AI can do for you in creating content. It helps with all stages of the content creation process, from brainstorming to proofreading.

In this article, we'll discuss how AI can help you write better, unique content and how you can use it to improve your workflow.

What is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. And what that means is that it's a computing system that can learn and work on its own. It can analyze data and recognize patterns, which is why it's become so popular for things like marketing and customer service.

How Can AI Help With Writing Articles?

Imagine this: you have a great idea for an article, but you're not sure how to start writing it. You could sit down at your computer and try to hammer out a first draft, but it's going to be a lot harder than you think. You might spend hours staring at a blank screen, and when you finally do start writing, the words just don't flow the way you want them to.

Enter AI content generators. With the help of a good AI writing tool, you can brainstorm ideas, do research, and write the first original draft of your article quickly and easily. Plus, with the help of keyword integration, your article will be SEO-friendly from the get-go. This is a huge help when you're trying to produce high-quality content on a tight deadline.

1. Writing headlines

One of the most difficult things about writing articles is coming up with a headline that accurately reflects the content of the article, while also being catchy and attention-grabbing. This is where AI can really help. With the help of an AI tool, you can easily come up with a list of potential headlines for your article, and then choose the one that you think will work best.

2. Brainstorming outlines

If you're struggling to come up with ideas for your article, AI can help with that too. By inputting a few keywords, you can get a list of potential outline ideas to write about. Once you have some ideas, you can then use the AI content writer to do some research and flesh out your ideas.

3. Researching details

Another area where AI can help is with research. If you're not sure what to write about, or you need some help fleshing out your ideas, an AI tool can help you by conducting research and finding relevant information for you for your content sections. All you have to do is input a few keywords, and the AI tool will do the rest.

4. Writing the first draft

Once you have your ideas and research material, it's time to start writing the first draft of your article. This is where AI content writing can really help. With the help of an AI writing tool, you can quickly and easily produce a first draft that is well-written and accurate. Plus, with the help of keyword integration, your article will be SEO-friendly from the get-go.

5. Editing and proofreading

After you've written the first draft of your article, it's time to edit and proofread it. AI can help you check, edit and proofread your article for grammar, spelling, and style.

If you're struggling to get your ideas down on paper, or just looking for a way to streamline your article-writing process, AI can definitely help. Why not try it out? AI writing tools are becoming more and more advanced every day, and they can help take your writing to the next level.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using AI to Write Articles?

So, are there any drawbacks to using AI generator tools to write articles? Let's take a look.

For one, the results can sometimes be repetitive—AI can't always tell what content has been covered, and might repeat itself for the sake of clarity.

It also can't draw on personal insights or feelings, so it might miss out on some of the more human aspects of writing. AI can get caught up in the details and miss the bigger picture. This is why it's important to have a human editor review the final product.

Finally, while AI can help with grammar and punctuation, it's not perfect. Sometimes, it can make mistakes that a human writer wouldn't make.

Another thing to keep in mind is that AI text generation is still evolving, and it's not going to replace human writers anytime soon. It's just a tool that can help them. As long as you're aware of its limitations, AI can be a valuable tool in your content creation arsenal.

So if you're thinking about using AI to write your next article, keep these things in mind.

Overall, it's still a helpful tool that can make your writing process a lot easier, and it's only going to get better over time.


AI definitely has the potential to help with all aspects of content creation, from brainstorming to editing and proofreading.

There are a number of AI-powered tools that can help with different parts of the writing process, and it's worth exploring which ones work best for you.

The bottom line is that AI can help to speed up the writing process, and can also produce high-quality results. So if you're looking to produce content faster and more efficiently, AI is worth considering for sure.

Descubra una forma mejor de escribir

Dé el primer paso para escribir artículos de blog bien pensados que atraigan a su audiencia y aumenten la conversión.

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Elabore contenidos que se alineen con su marca en

Haz que el redactor de la IA sepa de qué trata tu marca y genera contenidos que encapsulen todo lo que representa.

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Navegue por un flujo de trabajo fácil de seguir en

Pase de la idea del blog al artículo de formato largo en un flujo de trabajo sencillo y guiado. Perfeccione el resultado generado en cada paso del camino.

Icono PIM

Eliminar el trabajo sucio
de escribir

Dedique su tiempo a tareas esenciales como la búsqueda de palabras clave y el desarrollo de la estrategia de contenidos de su blog. Deja que la redacción con IA haga el resto.

Editar Icono

Editar y perfeccionar todo a la vez

Un editor de artículos de blog limpio e incorporado al alcance de su mano. También es compatible con todas las extensiones y herramientas de revisión gramatical del navegador.

Icono de la lengua

Poner en marcha tu creatividad

¿Necesita nuevas ideas para su blog? Nuestro redactor de IA te ayudará a empezar con un par de temas de blog relevantes y específicos para tu marca.

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Escribir con IA que aprende

Cuanto más escribas, más aprenderá sobre tus preferencias y mejorará con el tiempo. Es la herramienta inteligente que siempre necesitaste.


¿Qué es un escritor de IA?
¿Cómo de bueno es el contenido de la IA?
What kind of articles can I write with the AI article writer?
¿El contenido de los artículos generados está libre de plagio?
¿Me penalizará Google por utilizar contenidos generados por IA?
Is the blog article content by Hypotenuse AI SEO-optimized?
¿Tendré que seguir editando los contenidos y artículos generados por la IA?
¿Qué idiomas admite?
¿Cuánto cuesta un generador de artículos de IA?
¿Puedo escribir el titular de un artículo?

¿Pensando en su estrategia de contenidos?

Hemos reunido todos los recursos y consejos que necesita para elaborar historias de productos estelares.

Supercharge Your Content Strategy With an AI Writer

You've probably been told that blogging is important for your business. You know you need to be creating fresh content, but sometimes the thought of sitting down to write a blog post is daunting. And then there are the challenges of staying on top of blog posts, social media, and other content requirements for your business.

What if there was a way to take some of the pressure off and streamline your content creation process? Well, there is. AI writers and text generators have been gaining steam recently, and are tools that use artificial intelligence to help you create high-quality blog posts, articles, and other content quickly and easily.

Why Is Blogging An Important Part of Your Content Strategy?

If you're looking for an effective way to build brand awareness and authority, blogging should be your go-to. Whether you're creating original content or repurposing content from another source, having regular blog posts on relevant topics can help your business stand out and make it easier for potential customers to find your products or services.

Blogging also helps to establish your business as a thought leader in its respective industries. By consistently providing quality content that’s tailored to your target audience, you can position yourself as an expert in the field and demonstrate why customers should choose you.

Finally, blogging provides more opportunities for SEO optimization than other types of content like videos or podcasts. Search engines crawl through written posts more effectively than they do audio or video files, so adding relevant keywords and phrases as part of the blog can help boost your search rankings.

Understanding the Benefits of AI Writers

So you might be wondering, "What's the point of using an AI writer?" Well, it can do much more than just saving you time. AI blog writers can help with your entire blogging and content strategy in a number of ways.

Consistent Content Quality

AI article generators are able to create content that has a more consistent quality baseline more quickly than humans. With their natural language processing capabilities and data analytics algorithms, human writers can also use AI research tools during the writing process to research and spin up fresh content, or even produce news articles that are more informative and authoritative, in a shorter period of time.

Repurpose Your Content

AI blog writers also allow you to easily repurpose content across mediums, which can save you time and money. This includes converting existing content into different formats like video scripts, emails, social media posts, press releases, and more.

Write Different Types of Content

No matter what type of content you need help with—generating headlines, generating meta descriptions or even an email writer—an AI writer has got your back. Most AI writing tools have different specialized tools and templates purpose-built for different types of content, so that you don't have to go through the hassle of researching topics yourself or hiring multiple different writers for every task.

Include Search Keywords Automatically

The best part about using an AI blog writer is its ability to automatically include search keywords in your content so it is optimised for SEO purposes. This means that your blog posts or web pages will be picked up by search engines more easily and rank higher in search results for relevant terms.

Quicker Time-to-Publish

Finally, with an AI blog writer on board, you can quickly get your blog post or article published, which includes integrations to CMS and platforms like Shopify. This means that you can get your content out there sooner without juggling uploads and downloads.

¿Pueden los redactores de contenidos con IA sustituir a los redactores humanos?

En lo que respecta a las herramientas de redacción con IA, hay muchos conceptos erróneos. Algunas personas piensan que la IA puede sustituir completamente a los redactores humanos.

Pero ese no es el caso (al menos, todavía no).

We'd like to think of it as a powerful collaboration. If you can use the AI writer effectively to generate quality AI blog articles, you'll no longer have to spend your time on the nuts and bolts of writing.

Y puede hacerlo con mayor rapidez y eficacia que un escritor humano.

Pero, al fin y al cabo, la creatividad y la intuición humanas siguen siendo esenciales para crear contenidos verdaderamente buenos. Así que no te preocupes, tu trabajo está a salvo, ¡y no vamos a entrar en Matrix a corto plazo!

Ready to use your AI content writer?

Pruebe gratuitamente nuestro redactor de IA para empezar a generar ideas y contenidos.